Cockroach paradise (PC game)

Are you afraid of cockroaches or spiders? In playing this game you are about to experience the best insect phobia therapy around. So waste no time! Download it and get rid of any fear of insects. In the game you are a cockroach striving to survive in a desolate sewage, crawling with deadly spiders, a perfect place to feed and procreate.

Objectives: breed up to 100 offspring (beautiful little insects) and find the holy place to get rid of human kind!


Movement: WASD
Breed: Right mouse button
Feed: Pass through cookies
Action (enter drains, activate itens): Left mouse button
Jump: Space bar
Exit game: Escape


Known bugs (no pun intended): sometimes the player cockroach are tossed into the void. I must revise the player and AI code to see what is happening. When it occurs just hit "Esc" to exit the game.