Série de animação: Gangsta Jesus Show (em inglês)


Warning, this is not a child cartoon, the opinions and facts, expressed in this animation work, does not represent the author's own values and conceptions about religion, politics or other social phenomena. It is merely a parody, of "certain" historical figures, and does not intend to be harmful to the weak minds. But if you don't like it anyway or is thinking about take me to the authorities, I say you are a crying baby or a religious fanatic with nothing better to do of your life. Grow up and get a living if you don't know what comedy is all about. And please be smart before you accuse me of something (like: he's a Nazi or Antichrist) just because you made some associations in your large foreheaded face and mislead fiction from reality. If you don´t have no concrete evidence of what you talking about, don´t even bother to see this material you naughty dog! For you (my real audience) bellow there is some info and the video about each episode and its characters. Enjoy!

Basic info

Created by the irreverent and political incorrect Leonardo César Veloso, imagine Jesus himself among us (again) in hot debates over the facts of life and death! He interviews every night a new guest of honor in his own "talk show".

First episode - Jesus interviews Devil "The DJ"

In the first episode, meet with Devil "The DJ" in tours around the world to gather souls for his destruction master plan. They discuss about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, paradise, being deserted by their own father (the Lord), the seduction of drugs, parties and women!

Stills from the first episode

Second episode - Jesus interviews Adolf Hitler

Episode two is one of the most controversial, Jesus teach some lessons to the long despised dictator of all times: Hitler and his pistols. Hitler is invited to play the game "Good or Bad" where he tries to convince the audience of his good actions! But his twisted mind doesn't know the difference anymore.

Stills from the second episode

Third Episode - Video Game from Hell!

This is a bonus episode, just a quickie one! If you're tired of hearing Jesus talking, this is for you! Hitler taking a beat out off his ass in this memorable fight.

Third Episode - Stills

Watch the series now or be damned forever ha ha ha!